The Genomics and Biomedicine research group  (GXB) at the University of Vigo is a multidisciplinary team built to confront with confidence new, ambitious challenges in biomedical and genomic research.

The GXB group is currently coordinated by Diana Valverde and includes five additional PIs: Carmen Rodríguez, Carlos Canchaya, Miguel Arenas, Iria Fernández-Silva and David Posada,  together with postdocs, graduate students, and technical staff.

Our group is part of the Center for Biomedical Research (CINBIO) at the University of Vigo, a Singular Research Center of the Galician Government.

Our research is currently funded by the University of Vigo, the Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria of the Galician Government, the Ministerio de Industria, Economía y Competitividad of the Spanish Government, and the European Union.


The GXB group focuses on three main research areas:

1. Genomics applied to pathogens and diseases
2. Nanomaterials in biomedicine
3. Marine genomics

In the area of Genomics applied to pathogens and diseases, GXB researchers collaborate in different basic and applied research projects around the genetic basis of human diseasescancer genomics, and viral genomics, using tools from personalized medicine, epidemiology, and evolution.

In the area of Nanomaterials in biomedicine, members of the GXB group work on the obtention of new nanoparticles with potential therapeutical applications in cancer.

In the area of Marine genomics,  GXB researchers collaborate on several projects aimed at understanding speciation genomics in marine organisms or in structural genomics and evolution in marine mollusks.


Principal investigators

Postdoctoral researchers

PhD students



Our labs can be found in three close locations at the As Lagoas-Marcosende campus of the University of Vigo:

  • School of Biology
    • Carlos Canchaya
    • Diana Valverde
  • School of Chemistry
    • Carmen Rodríguez-Argüelles
  • CACTI Tower (entrance through CINBIO)
    • Miguel Arenas
    • Iria Fernández-Silva
    • David Posada

Phone: (+34) 986 130050


We are hiring a lab tech!

We are looking for a full-time laboratory technician. Offer 1023-109593 (in Spanish and English) at Open until June 6. Let’s work together!

phylogenetic origins of relapse using single-cell data

Our phylogenetic analysis of single cells exposes how, where and when malignant cells survive treatment in a personalized manner in a liver relapse of a CRC metastasis. We show that the relapse originated from the expansion of a single metastatic lineage that slowly evolved in the liver. Interestingly, there is a clear contribution of chemotherapy …

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