The GXB group focuses on three main research areas:

1. Genomics applied to pathogens and diseases
2. Nanomaterials in biomedicine
3. Marine genomics

In the area of Genomics applied to pathogens and diseases,GXB researchers collaborate in different research basic and applied around the genetic basis of human diseases (Diana Valverde),  cancer genomics (Diana Valverde, David Posada, Miguel Arenas, Marta Tojo, Alberto Vicens), and viral genomics (Miguel Arenas, Marta Tojo), using tools from personalized medicine, epidemiology and evolution.

In the area of Nanomaterials in biomedicine, M Carmen Rodríguez-Argüelles lab worked on the obtention of new nanoparticles with potential therapeutical applications, in collaboration with the Posada lab.

In the area of Marine genomics,  GXB researchers collaborate in several projects aimed to understand speciation genomics in marine organisms (Iria Fernández-Silva), and structural genomics and phylogenomics in mollusks (Carlos Canchaya, David Posada).